Our Team

Our employees have over 150 years between them of experience. Pardon the pun, but our employees are very friendly. The Friendly Wholesale was chosen over 60 years ago by George Selders to reflect his vision of the way his customers should be treated. Today we still follow that vision.

Our valued employees are as follows

Joann Davidson - Owner, CEO   40 years
Mark Davidson - Sales Manager, Vice President   20 years
Gary Schempp - General Manager   35 years
Eileen Schempp - Secretary/Treasurer   
Kenny Musselman - Salesman   25 years
Matt Brown - Salesman   3 years
Marc Mehaffie - Salesmen   2 years
Craig McKelvey - Warehouse Building and Vehicle Maintenance   25 years
Tim Hendershott - Warehouse   19 years
Dawn Baker - Warehouse Manager, Customer Service    18 years
Yvonne Hendershott - Customer Service   18 years
Tom McGowan - Delivery Driver   14 years
Dee Ewers - Secretary   8 years
Sherie Bucher - Secretary   8 years
Lori Woodruff - Customer Service   8 years
Bill House - Delivery Driver, Warehouse   2 years
Zach Hendershott - Delivery Driver   2 years
Earl Miller - Truck Driver